Brand Building

Building brand awareness is an ongoing process that begins with defining who you are and what sets your organization apart. Every communication should reinforce your brand identity while keeping the needs of your clients in focus.

Tell your story.

A strong brand story, communicated in an engaging and authentic voice, can be one of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience. And as we all know, storytelling relies on words. The words you choose and the story you tell must matter to your audience.

If you haven’t quite found your story, I can help you develop and promote it.

Altered Space Gallery


This boutique gallery of functional and fine art needed a fresh story. I created a marketing action plan to increase gallery sales by 20% over a two-year period, along with a series of targeted communications – including press releases and online promotions – to get their story out to the audiences they needed to attract.

“Connie’s enthusiasm for my business, coupled with her ability to identify trends and analyze competitors, made her a trusted collaborator. She always provides creative and strategic communications that get results.”  – Sand Brim, owner, Altered Space                                                                            

Hold your audience.

Great design can get your audience’s attention, but sustaining a brand relationship – like sustaining any other kind of relationship – requires attentive communication. You need to consistently follow up, staying accessible and relatable.

Reminding clients that you’re interested in their concerns is great brand reinforcement.

City National Bank

city national bank portfolio piece

A leading bank for the entertainment industry, City National puts out a regular online newsletter that helps keep its entertainment clients tuned in to financial matters that affect them. We developed a professional yet friendly tone that fits the bank’s brand and speaks directly to this special niche audience.

Or, building your brand may involve reaching out to new audiences while maintaining your core identity.


Luxury Link hired me to initiate a series of short articles on luxury real estate trends. The goal was to leverage their signature expertise in luxury travel to build credibility and interest for their entry into high-end real estate sales.

Here’s how the editor rated my efforts to help extend their brand: “… these are great – the exact direction I am looking to take this Real Estate section. Perfect!”