Business Development

Creating copy for business development or investor presentations and proposals is a collaborative process with potentially huge rewards for your organization. It’s definitely one place where you want every word to count

Perfect your pitch.

Effective presentations and proposals hinge on more than simple facts. They have to be strategic, well organized and engaging. Your prospect or investor needs to know exactly what you can do for them that’s better than anyone else can offer.

GLC Medical

GLC Medical logo

GLC Medical hired me to produce a proposal – including a statement of corporate capabilities showcasing the company’s significant track record in pharmaceutical developments – to help persuade a larger Japanese firm to partner with them.

“The best investment I ever made. Connie helped me put together a new business proposal that helped me land a lucrative piece of international business that continues to grow.” – Graciela la Cruz, founder, GLC Medical USA/Japan

Pet Connect


After creating an innovative technological device for pet owners, PetConnect needed a compelling presentation deck to get investors interested. Marketing technological products or services requires turning complex, unfamiliar ideas into a relatable brand story. In this case, we needed to clearly identify the marketplace needs that PetConnect’s new product would meet.