Speechwriters use story to move listeners. We plant ideas at the beginning and bring them full circle at the end, having researched the illuminating details that will make a speaker’s points come alive for listeners.

Amplify your voice.

In a perfect world, you might write your own speeches very effectively. You’d have time to do research, consult with outsiders for perspective, pause for reflection, tweak concepts and tone – and then play around with several versions until your end product spoke directly to your intended audience while clearly expressing all the ideas you set out to explain.

However, we live in the real world, where your specialty is attending to your business or organization. My specialty is helping you craft messages that engage, cultivate and persuade your clients, colleagues and stakeholders – while staying 100% true to your voice and perspective.

UCLA Executive Communications


Researching and drafting speeches for the UCLA chancellor’s office often involves presenting technological matters or issues of social importance in clear, compelling language. I’ve helped draft remarks and speeches for topics including:

  • A speech honoring Dr. Leonard Kleinrock, National Medal of Science winner, for his work with the packet-switching networks that laid the technological foundation for the internet.
  • Remarks at the opening of the Engineering V building in praise of the technological and design innovations put in place to maximize interdepartmental cooperation and foster scientific breakthroughs.
  • Welcome remarks at the Institute of the Environment Summit honoring major contributions made toward policy solutions for critical environmental issues.
  • A keynote address at the university’s diversity retreat recognizing achievements made toward increasing diversity and outlining strategies for further increases.

“I hired Connie to write for the highest-level executives at UCLA. She quickly grasps what is needed, and her resourceful research yields fresh data to enhance what we supply to her. She writes clearly, with flair, in a natural style.”  – Mary Daily, former director, UCLA Executive Communications                                                                                              

Loyola Marymount University Relations

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Researching and drafting speeches for LMU’s University Relations office requires illuminating their unique heritage and traditions. A rigorous, top-ranked university, LMU values critical thinking and a strong commitment to service. This distinctive approach to higher education is at the heart of the institution and forms the core of all high-level messaging.